Company Overview - A Learning Portal for Everyone!

Consult a Tutor provides professional and efficient personal home tutor matching services for parents and tutors in Singapore. Our one to one tutoring program is aimed to help students improve their grades, learn effective study skills, build up their confidence and to reach their full potential.

Consult a Tutor tutors are certified undergraduates, teachers or degreed professionals with a passion for teaching. They are all screened and rated with their profiles displayed clearly on our superb web interface. By customising the tutorial curriculum according to each student and supplementing their existing curriculum in schools, students are able to learn comfortably at their own pace.

Consult a Tutor schedules tutorials timings convenient to the parents. This provides the benefit of one to one instruction and individualised attention to your child away from classroom distractions in a secure and comfortable learning environment at your own home without the hassles of travelling

Consult a Tutor offers the most competitive rates in the industry for both parents and our tutors. You can be assured there are also no long term contracts or minimum number of tutorials whatsoever. Our one to one tutoring program is also highly flexible for parents to decide on the frequency of tutorials required for their child's learning.

At, we are proud to offer our quality premium service with our Online Tutoring feature designed for users and ExpertTutors from all over the world to interact and learn! It uniquely combines characteristics of a social network with an effective and safe e-learning environment with the aim for tutees (users) to shorten their learning curve for a particular topic and acquire the specific knowledge fast anytime, anywhere. is based in Singapore and our management team comprises of IT professionals, trained coordinators and education consultants based locally and overseas; our services have a global reach with students worldwide using our portal. We are also involved in research and development of e-learning technology and constantly strive to improve on its services and platform.

Our logo in detail

Consult a Tutor's logo comprises of a mortar hat, a globe and a magnifying glass.

The mortar hat signifies the professionalism of Consult a Tutor to provide quality educational services and also the specialised knowledge that our tutors are eager to impart. The hat is uniquely positioned at a 45 degrees angle to reflect on Consult a Tutor's flexibility to cater a diverse range of services.

The globe which the mortar hat is seated on represents the global vision that Consult a Tutor has in our online tutoring services to allow users from all over the world to engage in knowledge sharing.

The magnifying glass symbolises Consult a Tutor's inquisitive nature to help students explore and learn in the best way possible. It also reflects on Consult a Tutor's philosophy to constantly improve as a learning organisation. We have also designed one more subtle component in our logo. As we have mentioned, we'll leave it to you to explore!


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